Building strong foundations and ensuring proper functioning


​In order for your body to perform as it should, it is absolutely integral that you first build a strong foundation – we call this the foundational phase. With over twenty years experience as a women’s fitness specialist, Nicole Thorne knows what it takes to ensure that women meet their fitness goals without compromising the safety or stability of their bodies.


Although Nicole’s training career has included women of all ages, body types, and fitness levels; as a mother of two she’s intimately aware of the changes that occur through pregnancy and childbirth. Nicole’s initial assessment and individualized fitness plans will be built with your specific needs in mind. Drawing on her extensive experience Nicole will ensure that all programs you undertake are pelvic floor safe, and respect the natural healing and recovery process of your body.


But don’t worry, ensuring proper functioning doesn’t mean you won’t get results! Strengthening your core, increasing your mobility, and building your strength are all necessary steps to getting you a strong, healthy body that will support you now, and as you age.


Create a strong foundation today for a longer, healthier, more active future!

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